Iraqi LGBT

Everything You Need To Know

Who We Are

raqi LGBT an all-volunteer human rights organization was established in September 2005 by Ali Hili.

Iraqi Lgbt remains the first Arabic gay right organisation in the world . Iraqi Lgbt was greatly helped by gay activist Peter Tatchell from day one.

The origins lie in reports reaching Ali from friends in Iraq about the start of the murders there of gay men, lesbians and transsexuals. Iraqis gradually established a support network and this included safe houses for those threatened by militia, police or family.

It’s important to state that the group is a representative one and decides its direction. Ali is the leader and the only one able and willing to be public. This has led to personal fatwas against him from inside Iraq and he has been threatened in London. As a result he is under the protection of the Metropolitan Police.

Prior to the invasion Baghdad was part of a officially secular society. Women had rights and were able to have a degree of equality. Baghdad supported a ‘gay scene’ something like what exists in Beirut now and was therefore a magnet for Arabs from throughout the region. Gays were tolerated and there was not the state action against or that coming from religious groups.

Since the invasion religious groups have formed militias which have specifically targeted gays. This is well documented now by major media and groups like Amnesty and Human Rights Watch. However it was iraqi LGBT which first drew the world’s attention and, for example, told the world about Shia leader Sistani’s death fatwa (order to kill) against gays.