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Asylum Project

Iraqi LGBT established the asylum project in January 2006 to help and supports Iraqi asylum seekers living in the United Kingdom by working with their solicitors and another refugees supporting groups and organisations such as UNHCR, Amnesty International to defend and support asylum claims and challenge the Home Office.

We also work with experts in this area to help Iraqis secure refuge.

Iraqi Lgbt has worked with UNHCR in Iraq’s neighbouring countries to establish a programme to relocates members of our Lgbt Iraqi’s community to Syria, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon to secure their removal to a third safer western countries.

Iraqi Lgbt are proud to announce that we have manage to secure the removal of 42 Gay, Lesbian, Trans and Bisexual Iraqi’s to Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and United States where they are living and working and contributing to these countries.

We also established West Europe Asylum programme to help members of our community living in The Netherlands and France to campaign and support their asylum claims.

Please help us to continue the support of the asylum projects to campaign, help and support Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Iraqi’s all over the world by donating to our asylum projects.